The Diva Is Back?

Finally, I can't believe that Whitney Houston is finally releasing an album. I for one am personally elated. I have been waiting for the diva to knock all the wannabees off the stage. Whitney is the measuring stick used to judge other Pop Vocalist. Her voice of course won't be the same. She has to stop smoking and completely rejuvenate her chords. I suggest she always sing with pre-recorded backup vocals, cause some of her new appearances have shown her struggling. I'm sure her studio album set to be released on September 1st will be a masterpiece. I will be there. I'm not gonna blame Bobby completely for her drug abuse. She was older than him and should have known better. I got close friends who dabble in crap drugs but I don't. I just stick to smoking weed. She should have stick to weed too. And cigarettes are horrible too. Anyhow, Clive Davis i'm sure is now confident enough to finally set a date. He never makes a mistake.

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