Real Housewives Atlanta Parody

By BigAssMouth Staff
This Parody Of the RHOA is so funny.
Check it Out. Here is the Link

Super News!!!

By BigAssMouth Staff
Super News is a half hour cartoon airing on Current TV. This shit is so funny. You have to check out this spoof about twitter addicts. I don't know why anybody would be interested in my every move. Here's a link

What About Love?

By BigAssMouth Staff
I have to be honest, I have not been in love in a long while. The last time I was in love, I almost did not make it back to reality-I lost my mind. I had been falling in love with just about every man in my life. Some of them were clearly not for me. I wore my heart on my shoulders. I was and am still a hopeless romantic. I have improved but still I need work. I had a captain save-a-hoe complex for a while . I guess because I was a big guy, I felt that I should sell myself short. I was surrounded by very strong personalities that were confident and demanded undivided attention. One day I woke up and realized that I was the shit. I was desirable and as long as I carried myself with self confidence and demanded respect, I would be more desirable. Since then I have had many men, but something is missing. Guys come over and want to have a good time and then go. I realized I had to change again. I had to be specific in my wants. I finally met a guy that took me out and showed me the world (I'm exaggerating). It did not go past one date (because I'm difficult), but the experience was worth it. Right now I'm surviving and really don't want to be bothered. L.A. is the worst place to find a Man.

Is California Too Big?

California may be buckling under it's own weight. We have a legislature that draws it members from polarizing counties. We have become too big for ourselves. The Federal assistance we get is not enough for a state our size. Our prison population is swelling while Colleges and Universities are shrinking its budget and enrollment. No one wants to pay taxes in our state but we demand the same services. Grey Davis tried to stem the bleeding with a tax increase but we instead voted him out. I think when those people so against taxes start to feel the full force of this recession, then and only then will increases be approved.
I serious think we as a nation should think about restructuring and dividing states into more manageable sections. I truly believe California should be divided into three. It just makes sense. We enacted all these ridiculous propositions that have basically left the legislature with their hands tied. They can no longer govern. The truth is
Republicans would rather see all of California fall into the Pacific Ocean than raise a single tax. Democrats in our state have to face the fact that many of these public services are good but voters blindly don't want to pay for it. Unfortunately, California won't learn until the Governator slashes everything in site. You can't blame him. The people voted down tax hikes and would rather suffer through the second Great Depression without any type of public service. California is too big and the nation needs to look at it. By the way, where is Obama ?

Brandon And Janette SYTYCD

Brandon and Janette are my favorite dancers on So You Think You Can Dance. They have brought it everytime they are on stage. Of course most of my focus is on Brandon. He has always been good and genuinely loves dance. He is truly a Master. Before I gained weight years ago, I was very much into street dancing. I should have never stopped dancing. I think I will get back to dancing because it's fun and also good for you health . Now back to Brandon. This kid better win. He is truly gifted.


Damn I did not know Eminem could look this good!!! All sexy on the cover of the June 2009 Issue of XXL mag. Damn his guns are stunning, his body is ripped and his tats are tight. I have never looked at him this way but shit, this is the hottest pic he ever took. He definately ranks up their with the sexiest. Not really into white guys buy I would definately talk to Em. I wonder why he took so long to show off his sexiness. Sorry folks, sexiness does sell. If you got it, flaunt it.

Show Me The Money

I'm kind of getting tired of not being rich. I am so sick of being broke. LOL!!! I think about how we would not be in a recession if all these few rich people just give up some of their billions. It seems like greed has surpassed ridiculous. I remember working at the bank and just witnessed the amount of waste being done. In the end the executives walked away with billions and laid off the little folks like me. I also wish I had a better family and friend support network but that's another story. The point I'm trying to make, is I'm just sick and tired of always worrying about tomorrow. This capitalist system has fallen apart and wont get back soon. What will emerge I think will be something different and better. Millions go hungry and millions including myself have no Health insurance. We got to look at the Man in the mirror.

The Game Sexy And Drunk

I just had to find an excuse to post this pic of rapper The Game. He is sooo sexy and can jug down hennesy and cheap ghetto beer betta than any gangsta.I've gone to all his concerts but I must say he looked like he needed some situps the last time I saw him. he still sexy. These rappers, although not acknowledging it, have a huge gay followings. I am sure they are well aware of all their fans though.