Rest In Peace Vibe

I cant believe Vibe magazine died today. The poor employees were working on a Michael Jackson tribute when they received an email today, letting them know to get the hell out the building. I'm being dramatic of course:). We don't have shit left for us as glamorous as Vibe was for the hip-hop culture. I just can't believe all these icons are dying. I am really gonna miss the magazine's infamous Sex issue. All that thug flesh won't be seen again that beautifully portrayed. I will definitely miss Vibe and all their real to-the-truth interviews. Yes, there is The Source and XXL, but their stories focus only on Rap related topics. R&B music will have no home in print. Damn you Bernie Madhoff and others like you!!!
Quincy Jones said he would resurrect Vibe, by buying it back. He said it would be in online form only. Thanks Quincy. Damn! Quincy is cleaning up with that new Michael Jackson Royalties.

The Only King

HBO True Blood Sexy Black Actors

Mehcad Brooks

Nelsan Ellis

Perez:One Big Trashy Mess

I dont know about you but I really am so sick of this guy.Last night someone punched this mediawhore in the eye. Good. He called Will.I.Am(btw one of the best producers today), a "fucking faggot" according to TMZ. When you say a lot of shit about people, they are gonna hit you in the face. I am so sick of this fool single handidly throwing sympathy for gay rights five thousand years into the stone age. I'm not gonna go over this mans record. Perez is the king of being mean spirited. Don't get me wrong, I love my gossip, but Perez has taken being mean to a new level. Shit this guy makes Ms Wendy(Hey Ms Wendy, how you doing?) look like Mother Teresa. Please Perez just go away. People who have little positive experiences with gay people are gonna equate our whole community with his behavior. Americans likes their stereotypes and he always delivers.

The Un-Religious Speaks

Today I remember those who have died because tribal chiefs decided to use religion as a means to control the masses. Eventually they started to believe that a great force chose them to lead people and lay down the laws according to a Divine wish. We call them prophets. I call them narcissist and psychopaths. This eventually led to a more complex written versions of religion with strict bylaws and severe punishment. Most texts are filled with contradictions;an apparent result of constant rewrites and deletions. All of them share common themes and laws. Nowadays, as people can see images of nebulas and galaxies billions of miles away, we still believe that bread fell from the sky or that the Red Sea parted. We need to move toward a more spiritual phase. It allows you to believe that we are all connected in the Universe. It is the belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The belief that we are not here just to procreate. Our mission is to gain knowledge as we move on our journey. It frees you from thousands of years of repressive ways of thinking. Everything fucked up in the world can be directly be tied back to religion.

Been Busy

Last week was very busy for me. I was running around trying to get into a particular professional program. I proobably will be running around later this week too. It has affected my will to post new stuff. I have to learn to balance my life I guess. Anyway things seem to be coming together so far. Always trying to better myself even in these times of uncertainty. Happy belated Juneteenth

Finding Peace In The Recession

Lately I have accepted that we are in bad times. I worried about how things could get worse for me. Then one day it dawned on me. I decided to disown the word recession. It would no longer belong to me and I would stop allowing the word to drive my present course. I meditated on my future and devised a plan to improve things around me. I should reflect more on the things in life I can be grateful for. I should be grateful for the little things I have, as others have nothing. When you realize that your life can always get better, then you can find peace throughout this transitional period from bad to better days.

Parade Time Here In L.A.

THC Convention All Business

I went to the THC convention today. It was very much a convention. I was hoping it would have been more of a festival feel than an actual convention. Like most conventions, THCLA was crowded, loud, no reggae band playing at that time and the feel of a big infomercial. And an overkill of weed accessories. The Erotic Expo LA was next door and I should have went there instead. I prefer festivals.

OMG This Is Hot T.I.

T.I. performing at Las Vegas nightclub JET. Real Men Have Pubic Hair. Thanks T.I. for the eye candy of the year. I am so glad I have all your albums. You know what we like. (see pubes below)

The Diva Is Back?

Finally, I can't believe that Whitney Houston is finally releasing an album. I for one am personally elated. I have been waiting for the diva to knock all the wannabees off the stage. Whitney is the measuring stick used to judge other Pop Vocalist. Her voice of course won't be the same. She has to stop smoking and completely rejuvenate her chords. I suggest she always sing with pre-recorded backup vocals, cause some of her new appearances have shown her struggling. I'm sure her studio album set to be released on September 1st will be a masterpiece. I will be there. I'm not gonna blame Bobby completely for her drug abuse. She was older than him and should have known better. I got close friends who dabble in crap drugs but I don't. I just stick to smoking weed. She should have stick to weed too. And cigarettes are horrible too. Anyhow, Clive Davis i'm sure is now confident enough to finally set a date. He never makes a mistake.

Eminem Relapses Back Into Music

I like Eminem. I have always liked him. I don't know what the big thing was about when everybody else says faggot in rap. Rappers say that shit-but who cares. that shits banging and half of them have boyfriends anyways. Trust me I know:) . Anyways his new album Relapse, is very good-very intense though. Not something you should listen to if you intend on relaxing


Will post this evening. Had to get my sticky icky first.

Barry Where Are You

Dear Barry,
Where are you? I have not heard from you in a while. I just wanted to know if you were still my friend. Since I voted for you, other gay folks like me are wondering if you gonna come visit us. We are still waiting on those thing you promised. And what are you doing changing your mind all the time. There you go filp flopping all over the place. Barry I'm a patient man but not sure how long I can wait. I never really like those folks you hang around. They are not good people but I thought you might be different. They say birds of a feather flock together. Please say this is not true. Barry things aint changing for the better. Nader called me yesterday. He had some cool things to say. Stop laughing Barry. He's not a crazy old man. He has some good points. Hmm the Green party... Oh well, I'm giving you some more time but not much. Okay Barry gotto go but tell Michelle and the girls Hi. I still love you but you better make up your mind and start delivering on those promises.

DETOX-How I Found Inner Peace After Dumping A Toxic Friend

I had this friend who for a while had been somewhat toxic. She was always very un trustful and said the most awful things to make up for her insecurities. We have and have had for sometime differing opinions about just about everyhting. I tried to have a go at it again after a prior breakup. but to no avail she was the same person. always screaming and overbearing to everyone to convince you of her opnion. she reminded me of a pittbull when she got angry-always ready to rip off some ones head so much that she was unable to grow somewhat a sense of humor. I am a passive keep-to-yourself individual. with all thats going on in the world, i had no time to listen to someone go on and on about their lives. i should mention she had some real old fashioned thoughs about gays. blacks should be the last folks discriminating. things are changing and they will be forced to change. oh yeah back to toxic friend. anyway i dumped her and she starts texting out of nowhere just because i spoke to her in the streets. she's too old to change

I Forgive Chris Brown

Come on errbody you have to forgive this guy. Okay he was an abuser but he has asked for forgiveness. Having such a high profile I doubt he'll do it again. I love Rhianna and believe Chris should be punished but please-he's a baby. he came from a background of volatile people. Chris and his mother allegedly tore up a whole floor fighting throwing shit. He just has to learn that talking is good, instead of fighting. Leave him alone so he can get it together. Rhianna's okay and she has moved on-even though i don't believe that. I believe Chris and Rhianna are still fucking sporadically and trying to see other people. These two are as passionate as Bobby and Whitney