Perez:One Big Trashy Mess

I dont know about you but I really am so sick of this guy.Last night someone punched this mediawhore in the eye. Good. He called Will.I.Am(btw one of the best producers today), a "fucking faggot" according to TMZ. When you say a lot of shit about people, they are gonna hit you in the face. I am so sick of this fool single handidly throwing sympathy for gay rights five thousand years into the stone age. I'm not gonna go over this mans record. Perez is the king of being mean spirited. Don't get me wrong, I love my gossip, but Perez has taken being mean to a new level. Shit this guy makes Ms Wendy(Hey Ms Wendy, how you doing?) look like Mother Teresa. Please Perez just go away. People who have little positive experiences with gay people are gonna equate our whole community with his behavior. Americans likes their stereotypes and he always delivers.

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