The Un-Religious Speaks

Today I remember those who have died because tribal chiefs decided to use religion as a means to control the masses. Eventually they started to believe that a great force chose them to lead people and lay down the laws according to a Divine wish. We call them prophets. I call them narcissist and psychopaths. This eventually led to a more complex written versions of religion with strict bylaws and severe punishment. Most texts are filled with contradictions;an apparent result of constant rewrites and deletions. All of them share common themes and laws. Nowadays, as people can see images of nebulas and galaxies billions of miles away, we still believe that bread fell from the sky or that the Red Sea parted. We need to move toward a more spiritual phase. It allows you to believe that we are all connected in the Universe. It is the belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The belief that we are not here just to procreate. Our mission is to gain knowledge as we move on our journey. It frees you from thousands of years of repressive ways of thinking. Everything fucked up in the world can be directly be tied back to religion.

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