Rest In Peace Vibe

I cant believe Vibe magazine died today. The poor employees were working on a Michael Jackson tribute when they received an email today, letting them know to get the hell out the building. I'm being dramatic of course:). We don't have shit left for us as glamorous as Vibe was for the hip-hop culture. I just can't believe all these icons are dying. I am really gonna miss the magazine's infamous Sex issue. All that thug flesh won't be seen again that beautifully portrayed. I will definitely miss Vibe and all their real to-the-truth interviews. Yes, there is The Source and XXL, but their stories focus only on Rap related topics. R&B music will have no home in print. Damn you Bernie Madhoff and others like you!!!
Quincy Jones said he would resurrect Vibe, by buying it back. He said it would be in online form only. Thanks Quincy. Damn! Quincy is cleaning up with that new Michael Jackson Royalties.

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