DETOX-How I Found Inner Peace After Dumping A Toxic Friend

I had this friend who for a while had been somewhat toxic. She was always very un trustful and said the most awful things to make up for her insecurities. We have and have had for sometime differing opinions about just about everyhting. I tried to have a go at it again after a prior breakup. but to no avail she was the same person. always screaming and overbearing to everyone to convince you of her opnion. she reminded me of a pittbull when she got angry-always ready to rip off some ones head so much that she was unable to grow somewhat a sense of humor. I am a passive keep-to-yourself individual. with all thats going on in the world, i had no time to listen to someone go on and on about their lives. i should mention she had some real old fashioned thoughs about gays. blacks should be the last folks discriminating. things are changing and they will be forced to change. oh yeah back to toxic friend. anyway i dumped her and she starts texting out of nowhere just because i spoke to her in the streets. she's too old to change

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