Is California Too Big?

California may be buckling under it's own weight. We have a legislature that draws it members from polarizing counties. We have become too big for ourselves. The Federal assistance we get is not enough for a state our size. Our prison population is swelling while Colleges and Universities are shrinking its budget and enrollment. No one wants to pay taxes in our state but we demand the same services. Grey Davis tried to stem the bleeding with a tax increase but we instead voted him out. I think when those people so against taxes start to feel the full force of this recession, then and only then will increases be approved.
I serious think we as a nation should think about restructuring and dividing states into more manageable sections. I truly believe California should be divided into three. It just makes sense. We enacted all these ridiculous propositions that have basically left the legislature with their hands tied. They can no longer govern. The truth is
Republicans would rather see all of California fall into the Pacific Ocean than raise a single tax. Democrats in our state have to face the fact that many of these public services are good but voters blindly don't want to pay for it. Unfortunately, California won't learn until the Governator slashes everything in site. You can't blame him. The people voted down tax hikes and would rather suffer through the second Great Depression without any type of public service. California is too big and the nation needs to look at it. By the way, where is Obama ?

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