Like A Phoenix

By BigAssMouth Staff
Phillip Garridois is a monster. The manifestation of evil. The soul harvester.I can't believe it happened again. Now another creep has been caught for doing the most unspeakable. Kidnapping a child and raping her for the last 18 years. Yes she was raped. I don't know why the media is sugar coating this and calling it molestation. He kidnapped a chilled raped her and then forced her to have his two children. Lord only knows what he did to the children he fathered with her.What was so crazy is that his wife was in on it. The issue here is the failure of law enforcement to alert neighbors about who are moving into their neighborhoods. This man was a convicted sex offender for rape already. I guarantee law enforcement made no one aware that this creep was moving in. They were called recently by a neighbor complaining about childrenn living in tents. According to CNN, the police asked him a few questions and then went on their merry way. He is a registered Sex offender!!! They should have scoured the entire backyard. In the hood when someones is suspected of drugs, law enforcement will destroy everything in sight to get what they want-and make up shit too. Maybe local officials are capable of monitoring these animals and the duty should be handed over to the FBI. An expanded national enforcement agency like the DEA. His wife was a fool and I hope she gets punished as hard as he does. I will never understand the desperation some women sink to in order to please a man. Why are they so willing to destroy their lives. The other failure of the law, was to not recognize his mental illness and now it's too late. This man apparently was deranged and probably had a host of other mental issues. It was his consciousness that eventually caught up with him-not the police. I wonder if they ever gave him a thorough mental evaluation before and after his first incarceration. I bet you little was done to address his propensity to attack again. Sounds like he has severe untreated schizophrenia(the man said he can control sound with his mind). This is the failure of our prisons and overcrowding. They are not rehab centers, they are just holding cells. When that caged animal is released, it will go on the prowl for its next victim. I feel sorry for this woman and these three little girls. Stockholm syndrome set in a long time ago. Their innocence unfortunately, has been raped from them. This is dedicated to
Jaycee Lee Dugard who was lost but know is found. May the forces of the Universe now protect you and your children after such a long lapse. Set the memory of the Monster on fire and be reborn like a Phoenix
"Classic Arabian Phoenix
As the end of its life approached, the phoenix would build a pyre nest of aromatic branches and spices such as myrrh, sets it on fire, and is consumed in the flames. After three days the birth -- or as some legends say a rebirth -- the phoenix arises from the ashes. According to some sources, the phoenix arose from the midst of the flames.The young phoenix gathers the ashes of its predecessor into an egg of myrrh and takes it to Heliopolis, the city of the sun, to deposit it on the alter of the sun god. A symbolic representation of the Death and rebirth of the sun. It is also described as being either eagle like or heron like. It lives on dew, killing nothing and crushing nothing that it touches. Generally considered the king of birds. It has alternatively been called the bird of the sun, of Assyria, of Arabia, of the Ganges, the long-lived bird and the Egyptian bird."

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