What's Up? Mothly Review

By BigAssMouth Staff
Oh wow, I have been gone 4 about a month. I had to get my head straight. I'll admit I had nothing that I wanted to post. I thought about posting something about E. Lynn Harris but I was too depressed about his premature death. Heart disease is unpredictable. I loved that man so much for having such an influence on my life. Everything I do from now on professionally and personally is dedicated to Mr. Harris and my mother.
I spent most of the time still connected to the blogosphere reading other people's blogs. I read Diesel Washington's blogWendy Williams
I have also been reading Papi Chulos blog. It's full off everything. Pop culture and Porn Stars. It's amazing how he is able to get access to all these stars. Black Porn stars seem tend to be really reclusive. Very private people. It seems like they feel comfortable talking to him. Its amazing how Castro Supreme has sat on so many dicks but he still can't say the word bisexual. Gimme a break. Not hating Poppa, make that money. Sorry, I still like Tiger Tyson better. I started to aldo think about Enrique Cruz. I used to worship his movies. He was the first to showcase hip-hop culture integrated with Blatino sex without being hustlers. Just b-boys having a good time with friends-safely. Everybody was hot and the shit was so real. He is truly a legend. I wonder if he is in the GAYVN Hall of Fame
entries. They are so interesting. I love that he says what he wants to say (except for the blog about a spider bite ewwww). Lol!!! Anyway I wish he would do more of his video blogging. They were interesting. I am so excited that the show is on TV, but I will miss her radio show. Wendy's radio show had that realness that is just not allowed on TV. I really hope that Wendy gets another radio gig again-of course with more creative control.


Papi Chulo said...

Thank you so much for the kind words about my blog! You rock! You're site is pretty good. I added it to my blogroll.

Keep up the great work! And once again thanks for the love!

~Papi Chulo~

BigAssMouth said...

thanx Papi:)

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