The reason I love Jake Steed so much, is that he was the sexiest big dick in porn. He had the nicest curve dick and the custest face. He did not shave off his pubic hair and when he came, he loved it. He had beautiful BALLS and loved to have them played and sucked on, WHOLE. He was comedic too with hits like "Black Monster Dicks" as a parody on the stereotypical depiction of black men. He was conscious about the craziness of the porn industry's depictions of ethnic people. Then one day he just dissapeared. The rumors are numerous and all are unsupported. Where did he go? His absense has left a vacuum in straight porn.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I could watch his movies all day long.

Chet said...

I do enjoy watching his old videos, he had body, face and could jack that big ole dick. He made watching str8 video very interesting.

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