2012 The End?

By BigAssMouth Staff
I have been really interested in the warning about the date 12.21.2012. According to the Mayan calendar, the world is supposed to go through some sort of drastic change. It will be either catastrophe, a new era of harmony and enlightenment-or it will be the end. The happening will be caused by some sort of natural anomaly. This world is pretty fucked up. With all the mess in religions and wars, seems like a change is a long time coming. With an event so huge, it will force us to work as one. Sounds like a movie coming out in November:). Seriously, I do not believe the earth will have to and end. I think there will be a change in how we think. An ushering of new enlightened ideas and a new school of thought. Hopefully stratification and religion are expelled from the new school. Damn that's around my birthday.

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