Stargate Universe

By BigAssMouth Staff
I really hope this new
Stargate Universe show on SyFy will be better than the other stargate offerings. In Sg-1 it took ten years to get a sliver of who the Ancients were. We never got to see the Fur-lings and then we get thrown a silly spinoff. Ahwww Stargate Atlantis. This was supposed to be a show that was going to give us a more in depth look at the more modern Ancients who eventually returned to earth. Instead, Atlantis began to suffer from the Star Trek DS9 effect. Stuck in the middle of who cares on someone else's ship with nothing to do and silly dead-end plots. They never explored the ship and totally dumbded down the importance of the Ancients. They were a race that evolved so much, that their very essence could no longer exist in corporeal form. I'm sure this will be the same lost mess as the previous two offerings. And why the fuck!!!! did you kill the Asgard just to bring them back to save Craplantis? For fucks sake, be consistent!! No Rodney, you would never be able to understand one peice of anything the Ancients made. Not without the help of other advanced beings like the Ori. You know, the super bad beings you cheap bastards barely used. urghhh!!!!

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