It's A Green Day

By BigAssMouth Staff
I don't really have anything to blog about. I've been smoking green treats all day. Oh I really don't know what I would do without it. It just makes me feel so good, makes me feel so good! lol!!!! I tried to dry out and it was essentially, a disaster. My mind started thinking about all kind of fucked up people that I've called friends over the years. This shit was starting to get annoying so I had to visit Dr. Greenthumb. Only in L.A. can I go to a store to get my shit. Makes life so easy. As to why we don't have this shit federally legal is stupid. All the billions of dollars lost on tax revenue is silly. It's less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol. Give me a break. Sometimes it sucks being on the West Coast. When I am up late, most of the East Coast is sleeping. No one stays up late anymore. If I had to live on the East Coast, I would definately pick New York. I would of course would be needing to be making over 100K. Guess I won't be living there anytime soon.

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