Only In America

By BigAssMouth Staff
I guess we might as well have voted for John
McCain, because the democrats have no backbone. Barack Obama has now cowered under mounting pressure to save his own political career and dump single payer. The after effect of a no-reform health care bill will see a day of reckoning for the DNC. Come 2010 people will have felt betrayed by democratic weakness and bickering and the RNC will be back to running the show. Seniors should know that when the RNC take over, there will be cuts to All social programs including Medicare and Social Security. Obama will get praise for the quasi health coverage, but voters will remember congress and how the democrats lost the mandate they were given in 2008. Bush and other Republicans never wavered on anything. Bush and Cheney were greatly unpopular, but were men of their words when it came to their agendas. It's too soon to tell in this Twitter age weather Obama will be re-elected, but he has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many of his supporters by having his office being run by the GOP. He was supposed to be the like Clinton, but push a little harder. How in the world is the White House allowing people like what's her name(her name shall never be mentioned on this blog) to spread such crazy lies to Americans? How can she go to bed knowing the many of her supporters are White Supremacist and Xenophobes. Let this be a lesson to everyone who still believes in compassion and not the corporate Jesus, freedom is never easy and most of the time its an uphill battle. Corporations run everything-even your health care. What Americans who are against the plan don't realize, Insurance companies are losing members by the minute and they will most certainly raise premiums to cover the loss. This will insure that executives retire with millions in bonuses before they go bankrupt. These companies cannot survive without employee paid premiums. Hospitals will continue to close and employers will dump expensive coverage all together. Once one big corporation does it, trust that they will all follow suit. Employee coverage is very nice when you have it, but is not an entitlement in the least. The bottom line regarding private-option insurance, is who is most important is the stake holder and not you, or your health. This is why they don't ensure the chronically ill and people with pre-existing conditions. They would be bankrupt by next Wednesday. I guess Americans will start to blame the sick next. The truth is hard to stomach but the truth is nothing but the truth. Only in America

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